i’m still quite disappointed about FF13. i preordered it on steam and was really looking forward to playing it, but due to the abnormally large download size (60gb), i’ve been unable to download it :(

i really hope that square-enix fixes their shit, cause i only have 200gb  downloads to spare each month and i’m sure as hell not going to waste 60gbs of it in one go.


The episode of chapter 2 from The Legend of Korra’s Book 4: Balance, titled Korra Alone, reminded me so much of Zuko Alone from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  T.T

Similarities in the way that both Korra and Zuko struggle to learn more about how to find themselves, I guess.

The bottom pic of this post is what I thought of as a suiting title by the end of the episode.  Hahaha.